physically sustainable? not exactly. but still, some time and mental energy savers here. :)

email inbox

have so many emails that not sure where start?
inspire by this video [C], but not entirely please with that setup - shadow's version here.

easy mass-delete:
  • do inbox search for unsubscribe, and delete everything that come up.
  • this most often just newsletters and website notifications that already read on-site, like neocities comments.
    need admit: if already have hundreds or thousands, no way can read all - especially if more come in.
    account list:
  • next do search for words like welcome, confirm, and verify - hopefully this bring up many (if not all) sites where sign up. make temporary "accounts" folder and put all those in here for later.
  • review:
  • now main inbox hopefully more manageable: make another folder for "to review" emails, and put everything else in there.
  • why separate?
  • this mean better see anything new that come in after this point. :)
  • more folders! you might need more or less, but for now try out:
  • action: things that need take action, like reply or fill out.
  • waiting: things that wait on, like online order receipts or answers from other people. then just delete when item/reply arrive - or else decide if need chase.
  • reference: information that need at hand, newsletters that do look back at, instructions and schedules, so on.
  • mementos: optional, but if have enough happy or meaningful emails that reference get mix up, might like this one.
  • optional visual changes: if your client have choices like this:
  • nice backgrounds
  • less emails in view at once
  • more padding
  • in short - more roomy, less overwhelm.
    daffodil divider

    online accounts

  • if do that all from start, that means now have good start on accounts list.
  • from this, figure out which ones still need. what use often?
  • maybe find something really old: is content somewhere safe that not just internet, like on hard drive? even wayback machine not perfect. pictures can break, threads can get cut - if so important keep, please keep copy.
  • go through each one and figure out what keep and what not. just delete me say how delete from many services.
  • secure:
  • go through have i been pwned and see what show up.
  • if already delete, great. if not... please go change details. especially if know that same password in other places too.
    same password on many service not good idea. if one service leak, people may try that email and password combination in many other places.
  • good next step is password manager. think nice stick with open source stuff so people can verify code not shady.
  • suggestion: "double blind" password method [A]. make secret mental key (say "robots69"), input when sign up ("badpassword!robots69"), but not in password manager ("badpassword!").