what is mark?

just as humans have things, homes, and families, so do we faery. shocker. ;)
what make little bit different is that we have magic. through this magic, have ability put mark. with this mark, other faery understand right away that will bring trouble on self if move, tamper with, or hurt. even non faery creatures may sense these and think twice.
as with humans, these obvious signs still not enough to stop some. but they exist, in form that can not miss so easy as sharpie on walls.
most often, we mark with glamour and other special little tricks. sometimes something so wholly belong that not even need consciously mark, as might see with places or very personal belongings. but people... daffodil divider

marks... on people?

marks on people serve as way find again, and often more important, as way bring in court.
there can be awful reasons faery might mark person, but also reasons that not awful.
sometimes child meet faery through mishap, and that faery mark so able watch over, protect, or teach. other times, faery meet as adult, and choose form bond in some way. and still others mark people with art, music, and ideas that want watch and nurture.

people who mark in this way might call self reverse changeling, term which first see on now-defunct tumblr generalwitchery.
where changeling mean faery in human world, reverse then mean human in faery world. body not whisk away, but spirit now bear mark that place among faery. this mark can show in things like energy, form in non-physical realms, and otherwise.
unlike faery kin, who often have past life as reason for identity, mark happen here and now.

as someone who not born faery, might find that not fit in with rules in all same way.
for example in court like shadow's - earthly faery with earthly domain - then might not have specific domain, or domains and forms more fluid than others.
something that hurt others in court might not have any effect, or might feel effect on mien without any in physical body.

is this you?

can not answer that, sorry. hard even say traits - many faery traits similar to autistic human traits, and have no plan mislead anyone, or make seek out magic when need mundane support system first.
instead ask: what do faery mean to you? what draw you in? is this something you feel in self, or do this feel wrong?