what is unhumanity?

unhumanity mean that identify as human once in past, but not anymore.
this means reject human standards, but may still want honour or emphasise human origin. daffodil divider

who would, and why?

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this seem like bad idea!

unhuman do not mean hate humans.
hate standards, yes. empathy, romance, worth, unspoken rules - not everyone meet these in same way. not everyone can meet at all.
can be kind without empathy and romance. can bring happiness without ever change world or produce anything "of worth". everyone deserve chance live.
these standards make that hard. people get sweep under and ignore when hurt, force to suffer in system that can not wait until able throw out.

as well, do you find that better appreciate things when not have? little bit like that.
can ache for summer sun in winter without.
can appreciate humanity at best when not force self to standards. when reject "belong."