what is glamourbomb?

others describe history, better than shadow able. instead focus on what mean, and some problems that have with how people frame.
glamourbomb often focus on make people question reality and see real magic in world, question that "more" in world than meet eye. glamourbomb can be art, trinket, performance - anything.

yet not supposed "just be cute," like show that put on for child, and not so blatant and weird that make people "think you just crazy". neither glamourbomb just random kindness, or senseless beauty. there should be some point: make people believe in magic, in faery, in this or that or other thing... daffodil divider

personal guidelines

originally in this section, would find list problems that personally see with concept. however, come to feel this might make people think, "then why care about this at all?"
so instead, now personal guidelines and opinions. :)
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how to glamourbomb?

this section not give specific ideas, see here for that. instead, want you think on some questions.
some people happy make art, leave behind strange tracks in mud, drop off careful crafts inside books and leave at that. to make mystery is enough, whether or not have specific feeling to put out there. may never find out what happen to gifts, and others might never figure out just who behind this. and that what excite most.

others might prefer play "role", use words in new ways as hand out gifts, riddles, and gifts for riddles. what better way be strange than really be strange? is there even "role" here, or simply self? is draw line even important, something that want people do?

still others feel that have message share. how far should that message spread? what is that message? big message that change whole world view not likely take hold in many people but those who already almost there. this just not in everyone experience, and never will be. smaller messages more likely make change - there is wonder in world, and little moments important too.

when know answers, can start think about how might put in action. daffodil divider

more information & ideas